30 days later

Its been 30 days since I smoked some weed. If you know me you know my nock name was SMOKEY that says it all.

I started smoking weed when I was 13. mary became my best friend she was there when my mother couldnt be She held me down. When the men in my life came and went Mary she kept me... id wake up and kick it with her, wed have night caps before bed. Im grateful for the spirit of self discipline its only going to get better from here ive overcome my addiction!!!! My mother was using crack cocaine when she conceived me and that addictive /obsessive energy definitely transferred on to me in the womb . Im proud of myself I have no desire to get high on weed I can honestly say i now prefer that natural high that comes from hitting goals and working out 🤓🤪

to Yah be the glory

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