After the lemonade... make cleaning solution

I made lemonade today and decided to hold on to my lemon rinds to clean the house. WhenI go to the store to buy household cleaning products most often, they have some sort of lemony scent. The reason, Lemons have amazing antimicrobial properties. in fact the acid in lemons can kill bacteria and mold.

So how exactly do I make my lemony all purpose cleaner with my left over lemons?

Its fairly simply. In a mason jar I collect my left over rinds and add white distilled vinegar, filling it up. Place the lid on the jar, and let it "set" for a few weeks. The time you allow the mixture to steepen is really what determines the quality of your all purpose cleaning solution. Once the mixture has settled for a week or two open the jar strain the rinds and store your Home made all purpose cleaner. its really that simple, how dope, not only do you save a couple dollars, you also maximize on being self-sustainable . Get a spray bottle and use the mixture to wipe surfaces, you can use it to mop, wash dishes, it works the get out tough grease stains, you can add a little to the laundry, It literally is a MULTI-PURPOSE cleaning solution.

Try it out and let me know what you think. once you get than hang of it you can add essential oils like peppermint to give the house a refreshing revitalized energy..

happy cleaning!

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