Attitude of extreme gratitude

I am grateful....

life has been a roller coaster full of deep dips, and turns but I’m m enjoying the ride. I am so grateful for my family; my children inspire me daily... they give me the motivation I lost when my Grandmother passed. When I think about the life me and their dad are creating for them it overwhelms me. People want you to be ashamed to live in your truth but its not until you do that you begin to experience freedom... I’m grateful for my purpose... I'm on the right path and I know it because I see my master vibrations as confirmations daily. I know I'm moving with the most high in my heart and on my mind. All praise to The Most High Yah for every lesson, blessing, season, and reason. I take no credit for the things being accomplished, I know father Yah is orchestrating it all and I’m so humbled and grateful. Im living abundantly. Im giving love and receiving it openly... it feels amazing. spread love... be grateful and repeat 💚💚💚💚

just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been rocking with our family brand. whether you check out liviteveryday and shop on our mom pop holistic shop... or you breeze through here to see what we have going on with the crew its absolutely appreciated

more love and light!

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