Back to life

I was so caught up with orders its finally winding down somewhat and i‘m back to homeschooling the kids exclusively. Wisdom is on his 3rd chapter book which is aimed for children reading on a 5th to 8th grade level. His vocabulary is out of this world and i refuse to limit his growth. We are reading about a chapter a day. The part I enjoy most is the word explore We do after each chapter. i have wisdom write down the words he’s unfamiliar with, and than i have him do a word search on his tablet, I create puzzles word finds and various worksheets to help him to retain the definitions etc the point is to make it fun while challenging his mind. You can check back for updates on our material but in the meantime check out minecraft the island: it’s our current read push them in the way that they shall go hes now reading and comprehending on a 5th grade level at 6 to God be the glory!

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