Cardio workout with Wiz

As we delve into the cardiovascular system I thought it be cool to workout and perform some exercises that help to work out our hearts and get the blood flowing...check out Wiz and me doing some simple cardio exercises. (( We did jumping jacks , high knees, and Burpees))💚

You can also head to our youtube page and subscribe. I swear I truly love the idea of incorporating our family business into our lessons and activities. make sure you head to to get your wellness needs and of course continue to #liviteveryday with #nosittercrew. some tips to Remember...

Children can't withstand heat and physical exhaustion the way adults can. When I take Wisdom and Knowledge out to workout I make sure I have water for each of us. I also watch them timing that we spend out in the sun and I never push them too hard, I always go for sets of 10, but I really just focus on encouraging them to do the very best they can do, while listening to their bodies.

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