class is back in session

I took a much needed break from posting and blogging to just soak in everything happening in the world. When Covid hit I was taking the blog into a completely different direction,I was ready to add a couple of moms to the blogroll and Covid forced me to reexamine everything. Everyone is assessing and handling this "pandemic' at their own rate, and It just made a lot more sense to just zoom in and focus on helping people heal, seeing so many relatives and friends were in crisis. well, Class is finally back in session! I'm sure Wisdom is a lil salty face lol he had an extended summer vacation that is coming to an end in the new day. I've been up all night working to compile information for our first series of lessons which is going to be centered around financial literacy, I'm teaching my self more about bitcoin

and other digital currencies so i can prepare wisdom for the "changes" to come. No I don't intend to have my child take any marks from any beasts but i do understand and innerstand knowledge is power.

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