Earning power and glory

Doing what needs to be done requires high levels of faith, discipline, and focus... I’m so glad to have been able to take the time that I did from the blog and Nosittercrew activities in general. It’s helped me to further realize the nature of my purpose. Watching my amazing husband grow in his spiritual stature helps Me to develop further into my own and with that I’m further realizing my role And my reach . I’m learning to to earn my power and glory through worship... working out my salvation in real time, Helping people heal through Livit Every Day is apart of my daily work towards my salvation ... living in purpose on purpose: welcoming and accepting the bouts of uncomfortable that’s is guaranteed in order to break the programming; pressure build diamonds... I’m ready for more pressure to be applied. I’m not running from my fears, rather I’m facing them head on with my spiritual armor on deckd it really does get uncomfortable and seemingly unbearable at times only thru the Most High can we do what needs to be done... we ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH ON OUR OWN!
my hope is that anyone reading this or flowing this Blog can Be inspired in some shape or form to continue to press forward with the Most Hugh at the forefront; be encouraged to use the light you’ve been given to inspire your people !!!! Its a trickle effect and the more we elevate and give it to Elohiym without the idea or dogma of religion realizing we are spiritual beings in a physical experience fighting against spiritual

wickedness in high places... our battle is absolutely spiritual and I’m here doin what I feel I’m being led to grow stronger as a matriarch .

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