From 0 to a hunna

Look who sat through a finger girl session 😍 We were definitely trolling earlier today. I’ve been tired of braiding her hair lately because shes so rough and it doesnt last long enough. I think the finger curls are cute on her tho, she can rock them👏🏽 I was afraid her head would be too big 😂 but shes good! I’ve been using a pure coconut soap to keep her hair clean likebody soap I lather it up and wash her hair and scalp and than I go for the magic .... let me stress this is Not a paid advertisement although I wish it were. I absolutely swear by natures

blessings for our hair its the ”magic“ its made of nettle rosemary sage peppermint thyme alfalfa chlorophyll a bunch of amazing oils (coconut bergamot rosemary sage) and they even list GOOD INTENTIONS❤️ Yes its the stuff even better its great for the skin and lips... I use it as a moisturizer 💚 the finger twist is simple it just takes a little time and patience because I like to part and go but some people just freeform the curls Which is even quicker.

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