Get familiar: No Sitter Crew beginnings

I started No Sitter Crew because I was fed up with feeling like I was missing out. Let me take a step back Im Rishon, some folks know me as my DJ name “ Mz Stylez” I had a show on Sirius XM radio for about 3 1/2 years called “ the femme fatale mixshow” when I left New York City to follow my heart and the 🍆 to Chicago my life changed forever. ((Theres a book on amazon called Concrete Flowers from pain to power if you want the detailed version)) Fast forward ....I started the journey through motherhood and it completely changed my perception of my career and how I was carrying myself as a woman. I started my spiritual transformation when I conceived Wisdom ... motherhood forced me to mature and grow up. It made me want to live upright with the most high... I’m 6 years in it and I’ve been homeschooling wisdom since the very beginning. He did daycare for bout 6months before I said “hell naw” it really wasn’t working out. Once Knowledge came along I knew what little help I had was a wrap ...😂 Not having my relatives or closest friends around to help me was a gift and curse of course it strengthened me in ways That truthfully I’m just beginning to understand... I didn’t know what I was starting when I purchased the domain for nosittercrew... it was actually going to be called the mompreneursclub 😆 I just knew that what ever it was, it was going to be created with the children by my side. Here we are a year later with our LLC and non for profit... blessings on blessings I now have my bachelors of science in natural medicine to compliment our growing family owned and operated holistic wellness company #liviteveryday and I’ve recently opened my homeschool to the community #nosittercrewacademy not like we need anything else to set us apart but we are also a plant based vegan family. Our adventures are never dull... whether Wisdom is interviewing for words of wisdom or we are working on fitness routines #NoSitterCrew always has something dope going on we game have weekly bookclub sessions monthly family and friends events its turning into more than I could of imagined and I’m forever grateful go subscribe today (link in bio)

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