Go Through to Get Through


I’m not super woman but with all that I’ve endured in my life... I know for a fact the most high created me to be strong for myself and others. I know my purpose is wrapped around healing myself while helping others to find their healing... the Idea is to go through the mud to get through the mud,but not alone. The difference between my past muddy trials and now, is how invested in Yah I am. I know I’m not walking alone... When I see the messages from the people that I've helped I know that the healing is not from me but from Yah, I’m just a vessel. So if you've been wondering.. I don't shit glitter and yes shit gets rough, yes I have moments where I have to remember to ENDURE. I have to bare my cross and it’s not easy, and it damn sure doesn't feel good, but living in purpose on purpose it’s gratifying like that... it’ll make you do things that don’t feel good, for the greater good... I’m on a mission learning how to be SELFLESS in a society where everyone glorifies SELF... Death to the worldly me, I spent chunks of my life chasing music, money, my own tale, men, friends, and now I’m finally in a space where I just want to be free from it all. I’m craving mental and spiritual freedom on constant and its at the expense of anything no longer serving me. I'm pushing through the PTSD, Depression, anxiety and whatever other spirit the adversary tries to throw my way I rebuke them all in the might name of Yahushua. They are being bound and casted out daily and i'm going to continue to walk in my power, and purpose under the authority of the Most High!

I want to be better for Yah.. less of me and more of El Elyon .

I hope yall have an amazing day, and despite the obstacles keep pushing Keep praying and Keep Yah at the forefront!

Spread love and Be love. Power to Yah's people!

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