How I rid my children's eczema in 30 days

Both of my children at one point or another have appeared to have some form of eczema (psoriasis of the skin). Dry scaly skin that had taken over their legs and arms. The first time I dealt with this I was in panic mode, I didn't want Wisdom to suffer with dry itchy skin like I did growing up. Every season change as a child Id be posted up in the bathroom crying, itching my self til i broke skin it itched so bad it hurt and there was like no relief.... I’d take super long showers searching for relief. I wish my grandmother had a relationship with nature like I do she could of worked towards reversing my misery 😩. Back to Now tho.... Before I get into the herbs that can be used the help reverse eczema lets talk about DIET... gluten (too much wheat and sugar) causes psoriasis /scaly patches of skin which indicate an overload of toxins in the blood and the body. A change in diet can most definitely trigger a reverse response from the body that is to say eating clean ; eliminating BREAD (yeast dairy and sugar) let me repeat that for the hard of seeing mofos: IF YOU WANT TO REVERSE YOUR CHILDS ECZEMA YOU HAVE TO COMITT TO IT!!! ELIMINATE BREAD AND SUGARY PRODUCTS FROM YOUR DIET. The first thing I stopped was bread and yeast we stopped eating cereal for awhile and committed to juicing. you cant make it seem like a punishment Make it fun and invite them to take part of the process. I made sure the kids would break - fast with warm lemon water and I kept them hydrated with 9.5pH alkaline water. I started to see results almost immediately. Once every one was adjusted I started kids on a gentle cleanse using foodgrade diatomaceous earth. the RDA (recommended daily allowance)for children is 1/2 a tablespoon Mixed in 6-8 oz glass of water. Kids will be kids and so I had to get creative because it tastes pretty chalky in water, I would put in our oatmeal and even in our smoothies. we did diatoms and black walnut for about 7 days and by the end of the second week my childrens skin started to soften and heal. I brought an aloe plant and rubbed them before bed (after bathtime) for the last two weeks. I made an herbal formula from the herbs listed below that Id add in there food and smoothies and by day 30 the dry patches were gone!

Herbs to combat eczema

Aloe: if you know you know! Lol Aloe is good for everything but especially for HEALING. Aloe gel contains over 200 beneficial nutrients and one of the oldest known therapeutic herbs

bee propolis: has strong antibiotic properties and has been deemed an effective remedy for blood purification and skin disorders. High in source minerals such as iron, zinc, copper and magnesium it accelerates new cell growth (helps healthy skin to regenerate more quickly)

Birch (as a poultice) birch oil is used to rejuvenate the skin

Burdock: is a strong liver cleaner and hormone balacing herb with a particular benefit for skin problems. Its rich in minerals helps helps to prevent water retention.

chickweed: a blood cleanser which will help remove toxins

Dandelion: a survival herb: this herb Is high in vitamin A and acts to cleanse the blood

Dulse: expels toxins from the body; an excellent blood cleaner with great anti-inflammatory antiviral properties

kelp: provides nutritional support to the nervous system it promotes the healthy growth of skin and hair

oregon grape: blood purifier it has an almost direct effect on the skin

Pau D Arco: another blood purifier that also helps relieve pain

slippery Elm: protects the body from impurities allowing the body to heal itself by coating the irritated areas with its mucilaginous properties ( containing a polysaccharide substance that is extracted as a viscous or gelatinous solution and used in medicines and adhesives)

If you have questions

Please feel free to reach out to me or if you'd like to order the formula I created visit our mom and pop shop

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