Imagination on flee

Lol so after I went and spent a couple of dollars to keep the crew busy, Amazon came with new boxes of inventory for . What happened next made me want to return the toys lol. The kids gravitated to the boxes

I mean literally they could not leave them alone I remember making box mazes for Wisdom as a tot, but this was all the reminder I needed not to go out here spending an arm and a leg this Kwanzaa on material bs. Instead I'm going to continue investing in our sensory wall that me and the kids are going to DIY. I think it’ll be a much better look and they’ll enjoy it a lot more and my pockets will too. There’s nothing worse than wasting money on toys they will play with for 10 minutes and forget about. I need to go to lowes to get the panel for the wall so hopefully this weekend I can sneak away from these gummy orders and get some supplies for our creative arts project check out my reference below

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