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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Hello beautiful souls my name is Paratha and I created For Little Ones for several reasons. For one, I am currently raising four small children who breathe life into me on a daily basis but also I created For Little Ones as an outlet to journal my journey to healing the “Little one” inside of me. Most of our adult actions, reactions and overall mindset is based on trauma we experienced as children. It molds us into the individuals we grow to be and sometimes we unknowingly pass those traumas down to the next generation. My goal is to share my journey of healing in hopes to encourage others to look deep within and wonder if they should do the same for the child within themselves. I encourage you all to tune in to my vlog that will channel my road to self love, healing, lifestyle transitioning and business venturing all while being the best mom I can be to my four beautiful children. A little about myself....

I am a young(ish) mother of four children. They are my rambunctious, super helpful and caring 6 year old son Tré, my independent 3 year old son Tris, my beautiful care free 2 year old daughter Rai and my always happy and laughing 6 month old baby boy Tay. Recently separated from their dad, I am now raising them alone all while trying to heal myself from trauma that I experienced while in our 8 year long relationship. In addition to healing I am trying to figure out what my life calling is as far as contributing something meaningful to the World. I‘ve worked many different jobs and have never felt fulfilled. A humanitarian at heart, I‘ve always wanted to create a life where I consistently gave back to communities similar to the one I grew up in (I’m from the ‘hood) Lol. I am getting more in tune with The Most High along the way and creating a healthier more sustainable lifestyle for me and my little ones as well as healing the little one inside of me So follow along as I vlog about my day to day journey. Laugh, Cry and GROW with me!!!


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