Just like that

And just like that September has crept in on us, Not really because we've been preparing right? {not really} well as promised we have started our lessons on the human body, and I must admit today was amazing. We didn't get into the book as of yet,{ you still have time to order it link is in the previous post} , instead I decided to just talk about the human body and introduce the 5 major systems to Wiz . Of course Mr. brilliant aka Wisdom, picked it up right away and was eager to get into the book, but he seemed to enjoy watching youtube videos on the systems. He was super excited to take his little notes, and when it came to tell me one fact about each system he was ready. Thursday AM we have a joined class session on zoom with my sister and her children, and I already know he's super thirsty to tell them everything he learned. Knowledge worked on her letters, and potty time, and they both had "free writing/ journal entry time, which for Knowla is more creative art than actually penning ideas and thoughts. Tomorrow we will be covering social studies, we'll be going over some of the amazing inventions of the aboriginals, and we will also be starting our discussion on financial literacy. I'm really interested to hear what he thinks about what financial literacy is

how he thinks finances work etc Its lit at no sitter crew!

check out the compilation video below.

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