Keeping it Qodesh

Updated: Apr 9

You can feel it lla the air...

it’s so thick you can almost cut it with a knife. I’m talking about the spiritual darkness that’s seemingly getting thicker. I

know it’s not just me... If you’re reading this you’ve probably experienced what I’m describing in varying levels. Can you feel the dark presence increasing as the days pass? This walk with YAH has given me a higher level of discernment, and I’m grateful. I see people very plainly.

It’s a wealth of new information :

Learning how deep the satanic influence really goes on a spiritual level and within the physical realm....Learning how commercial law/ private law and the Bible are connected, yo it’s So deep and mind boggling, but also liberating to gain this type of inner-standing. I really appreciate the Most High for allowing me to grow in the spirit.

it’s a calling to do more .

To war in the spirit and continue to strive as a soldier for YAH intentionally using my life to uplift and glorify the creator. it’s a good work

Keep it Qodesh

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