Knowledge the big 2

Time sorta just flies when your having fun.

Seem's like just yesterday I was wobbling from my sisters Bronx apartment to Harlem to give birth to the 2nd half of my pride and joy. Here we are hours away from her second birthday and I cant be more proud. My labor, birthing experience with Knowledge was amazing it actually turned out to be a sleep over/ pajama party with two of my closest friends right by my side. I opted to have Knowledge in NYC where I knew I'd be supported and the love would be in abundance, it was one of the best choices I've ever made. When I think about all the love in the room as she prepared to enter the world, No wonder she's as loving and happy as she is.

I truly believe that the birthing experience helps to shape who the child is to become. I'm willing to bet baby girl felt all the dope energy in the room. Her aunties literally popped bottles and filled the air with high vibration it was a celebration. We reminisced and joked, it was such an amazing fulfilling experience. I have amazing friends . Not to mention my daughter is a Harlem girl like her muva lol. I had a VBAC which is a vaginal birth after c-section and it went smooth as ever. I knew what I wanted and I centered my mind on the thought. I Went in with the understanding most doctors would try to convince me of all the dangers I was facing having a VBAC but the Most High sent me a sister-Doctor to deliver Knowla and she was just as excited as me about my decision to VBAC. Her support gave me the extra emph I needed to go the entire mile and push Knowla out, that and my amazing coaches Jess and Maria

it took a few hours 16 to be exact but it was well worth the wait . she came out perfect. my early birthday, kwanzaa /christmas gift was born December 24th at 11am. just 3 days before my solar return. I gave 4 strong pushes and it was done, she entered the world and my heart skipped a beat. I learned my true strength as a woman that day . I pushed an entire human out of my body and it was one of the most powerful experiences I've had to date. to think that was two years ago. my perfect baby girl is not so much a baby anymore as she's developing into quite the young lady. People are particularly impressed by her ability to talk, lol the joke in my family is she's been talking since the womb. We did a sonogram when I was pregnant with her and her mouth was just moving as if she was having a conversation, lol my beautiful baby girl. man I didn't Know love until I met Wisdom and Knowledge there is no love deeper than that of a mother and her children. I honestly don't know where or who I'd be if I wasn't their mother. I'm beyond grateful that they chose me to be their guide. When Knowla comes to lay with me at night or during the day when she needs a nap, it makes my heart flutter, knowing that we are so deeply connected and she needs me to sooth her, she looks at me for her sense of security and it fulfills me. Becoming a mother was the best thing that ever happened to me. I have to admit i've been missing her baby phase and baby fever is lurking at every bend, but i'm looking forward to the new experiences and adventures we are sure to get into together.

I will forever remember the day Knowla officially entered the world through my portal. nothing but love and memories created on December 24 2017!

the day my dear Knowla bug entered the world with her old soul and vibrant energy. she reminds me so much of myself lol "Carter Crazy" and I wouldn't have it any other way. celebrating such a beautiful spirit ....Happy Birthday little one its your 2nd solar


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