Last weeks taco Tuesday lesson explained

As promised this post is following up on last weeks Taco Tuesday Math lesson plan

we used construction paper to create

yellow- for the shell

rowb- for the crumbles

green- for the cilantro

red- tomato

and white for the cheese (I used paper from my shredder for the cheese 😂)

you’ll also need a variety of measuring spoons and cups

this exercise can be used with or with out fractions asa guide to help introduce units of measurement to the kids.

first have them cut a 🟡 circle

and than fold the sides up making two creases in the circle that will be your taco shell

now create your measurements

we used:

1cup of crumbles

1/2 cup of cilantro

1/4 cup of tomatoes

1/2 spoon of the “imaginary seasoning”


customize the idea and make it your own 🤞🏽

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