Life & Stylez LIVIT PLANT-BASED a collection of hearty plant-based recipes

I love being able to share my vegan recipes with you guys. It took me a while to perfect them, but here we are 6 years into my veganism... two children later and my recipes smack!

I've been going back in forth in my spirit trying to figure out the best way to deliver them to you and I decided to put the best ones in my new book "Life n Stylez Livit Plant Based: a collection of hearty plant-based recipes" It'll be available 1/1/2020... As I prepare for my second book launch you guys can continue to check back for recipes not in the book. The idea of food being medicine resonates my soul like it just makes sense... I hope that this book can help people on their journey as well as people interested in converting into plant-based living, its truly a lifestyle. In this book you'll find a range of recipes covering breakfast lunch dinner and juicing. my infamous black bean sausage recipe as well as my spelt flour pancake recipe.

I'm super excited for you guys to see what i've been working on!

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