Mama Rishons Scrambled thoughts

I'm pushing the bar a little higher and going for the masters degree.

I know I have enough on my plate but whats a little dessert. Classes started today and orders were due today was pretty light in terms of "course work" for the kids. We are about to venture into the human body and financial literacy for the remainder of 2020. My sister and I have been working on lesson plans and will roll them out in upcoming days... hopefully Momprenuership at its finest lol.

I dont feel like my posts have been flowing like they usually do i think i have a moderate case of mom brain ... I mean it's not three kids scrambled, but more like 2 kids AND A BUSINESS sunny side up... its still in tact but open and exposed lmfao... and the fact that i found that so damn funny says even more about the sleep I need

Today we spent the day at the office/ store getting ready for the grand-opening . Business is starting to pick up on the nutritional side of things too, I'm getting a lot more referrals, its truly a blessing. I wish I could do more but if I decided to take on any thing else at the moment, it would most certainly cut into my NoSitterCrew time, and nothing comes before that. We played hide and seek in the office today and at first wiz wasn't with it he didn't think there were enough spaces to have a good time, he was so wrong! We had a blast, everyone was laughing, and smiling by the 2nd round. Even Knowla enjoyed the game. I wonder if Wiz will write about the fun he had playing something besides a video game. my bad familia, I completely forgot to tell y'all Wiz and I started a "mommy and son journal". He writes down how he enjoyed his day, 2 new things he learned about during the day , and how he felt throughout the day. I read it and write a response. I for one can admit, parents don't always communicate effectively with their children, With our adult lives, and trying to provide sometimes just being a good communicator can fall the to way side. I found myself talking at my son rather than talking to him, barking orders to him like he wasn't a human & I had to shake that ish quickly, the journal is helping us both to communicate honestly and openly about what we are feeling and thinking. I'm by far a perfect mother, I have no idea what I'm doing half the time but I try my best to apply love and understanding and to provide my children with thorough explanation. Talking/ communicating effectively with our kids is a major flex, opting to apply love and inner-standing towards the reality that our children are human beings with their own sets of emotions and analytical processes helps so much, it helps you to accept they wont always do what we like, or what we say in my house is proven best to be there to help guide them and offer gentle reprove.

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