New workbook: brain Quest Work Book grade 1

Things are slowly getting back to normal I was able to make some progress with the gummies, however i still have about another 150 orders to go before i'll be in that good place,, great problems to have to God be the glory. When I say I've missed watching my kid learn I MEAN I really have missed spending time with Wisdom watching him learn and grasp concepts. So this this weekend while he was away I ordered a few new books, and although I still have a slew of orders to tackle i'm making it my business to put together his curriculum for the week. My sister has been doing a fantastic job tutoring him and I'll let her continue her instruction as well maybe half day, but its time for Mama Stylez to step back up to the plate and do what she does... This book though... lets talk about it... I found it on amazon as I was doing inventory for Livit Every Day and babyyyy when i say it covers just about everything we've been doing this year and then some its the truth. I can absolutely see why over 45 million copies have been sold. With more moms reaching to me for homeschool advice I felt it was super important to share this amazing tool. So this week w will absolutely be working from the big 1st graders work book and this. I'' be posting the pages and material we be covering in case any of you dope moms want to go ahead and order a copy and follow along with us. I cant wait to update you'll on his reaction to the book etc... stay tuned

no sitter crew homeschool is in session lol

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