NSC Snow day 2021 😍

Today was dope. I got to kick it hard with the kids caught up on some work, got ahead of something’s snow days are amazing but the best thing about snow days is watching the kid’s play in the snow they LOVE it from playing tag to making snow angels to the little tired people falling asleep before bed lol that snow WORE them out you hear me? Knowla didn’t even make it to dinner and Wiz was so tired he was stuck on silly I had to send him to bed to recalibrate lmao being mommy is the medicine I needed my whole life to heal me from my traumas I get to experience so much of what I missed out on as a kid through watching my children pouring into them is so super important to me man and I give all the glory and honor to The Most High for allowing me to experience this type of love. I’m for ever grateful for the opportunity to guide these amazing little people and I’m so very grateful they chose me they are so dope! It’s never dull with them 💚✅

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