QOTD: do you love your children more than your partner??

I’m probably dead wrong, but I'm going to speak my truth. I absolutely love my children more than any man on this planet. I didn’t really understand what love was until I became a mother, I like many of us, thought that it was what we've seen on tv or heard described in our favorite rnb songs, but it‘s so much more. love is truly unconditional it keeps no records of right or wrong, it has no limit. We all have our limits and breaking points when it comes to our significant others, but for our children I can’t speak for everyone,only myself but there is NO LIMITS TO THE LENGTHS I’d go for Wisdom and Knowledge. I could never understand how a wombman would put her man before the needs of her children. Now, before y’all start throwing the bible and scriptures at Me about how man and woman are supposed to cleave to one another, I hear all that and I respect it but for me MY KIDS will always come first especially as children. I‘m sure as they mature and become adults I’ll adjust my level of thinking but no one comes before them not now and probably not ever. If Knowledge called me with a dilemma shit is getting dropped to hold my baby girl down, same goes for my young lion. My grandmother was the same way may her soul rest she put my needs first! I remember many arguments in our household bc grandpa didnt agree with something she was doing for me and that never stopped her. Mommy is a lifetime commitment relationships fail all the time but MOMMY is for life!

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