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Dragon fruit face mask benefits :

The High level of vitamin c in dragon fruit is certainly a plus when applying it topically.

"Dragon fruit is essentially a natural moisturizer as it contains about 80 percent of water and comes packed with skin-essential vitamins and antioxidants." I've been holding on to my dragon fruit skin in the fridge and today was the day to whip it out. I whipped it in my favorite Vitamix blender and added some honey and kiwi for the antioxidants and also to make it thicker. It was amazing I could feel it working especially around my eyebrows where I'd just gotten waxed. it tingled and my face felt so much softer and smoother once I washed it off I definitely recommend this face mask for you and your little ones. Knowledge loved it look how chill she was as we primped and got ourselves ready for the busy work week ahead.

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bless up!

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