Shabbat Shalom Mispacha

I'm learning more and more about YAH and it gets confusing I'll be honest sometimes I feel frustrated having to go back and unlearn things I thought were correct, but on the flip side of that energy, I'm grateful that CREATOR thinks so highly to continue to confound my wisdom. I'm praying against the spirit of frustration because I don't ant to be a fool, there is a scripture that says only a fool rejects knowledge... I don't ever want that to be me. I'm going to continue to Pray for higher levels of discernment because its so much information and misinformation floating around regarding our creator, so many ways to pronounce YEHOWAH, little by little precept upon precept I'm learning how ALIVE the word actually is

*Baruch HaShem Yehowah, Shabbat Shalom mispacha"

blessed be the name Yehowah, peaceful sabbath family

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