submit to the Spirit and deny the flesh.

Continuing this journey And loving it learning more and more about YAH as I continue to read and do research. Letting go of my flesh more and more. Being honest with myself about who I am. Facing demons I buried it’s been a extremely emotional week but I’m here to tell about it Praise Yah! today I delved into YA’aqov (James) and I know exactly why The Most High lead me there as soon as I started reading boom 1:15 jumped at me “Then when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, brings forth death”. YA`AQOV (JAMES) 1:15 את CEPHER

thoughts become things! the minute we concieve it in our minds it’s being created in the spirit to be exacted in the flesh .... DEEP shit! so fantasizing /visualizing can make you open or susceptible to act on Sin... and obviously sin is going against the CSL (commandments statutes and laws) ABBA (father) has set for us... Which ultimately result in destruction. Which led me to the question ...How do you fight against lust and / or energies that are causing you to think impure ?HOW DO YOU DENY THE FLESH...?

. Id plan to sit and have a moment with the most high and boom the tingles would surely come “the tingles”( the urge to satisfy myself) would be so intense and it would never fail! Every time Id plan to make time for Yah my girl would start her BS looking for attention. when I finally recognized what was going on, I instantly knew Ha’shatan was in the mix... of course I’m human with sexual desires, of course I fall Short as I’m not perfect, but righteously speaking, my desire should be towards my husband and my husband alone! yet I’d find myself fantasizing or even replaying past experiences... Id make jokes about the immorality compassionately calling it my “roledex of greatest hits” SICKNESS! Someone reading this is like sis is wild extreme ... I know society has taken great pleasure in glorifying sexual immorality and it doesn’t seem like a big deal but that’s what society is supposed to do... it dulls the moral radar just a little bit more each generation till there is no morale.... until Good looks Evil and Evil looks Good Making us more tolerant to sin.

😩 it starts in lust with the mind and the eye...

Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and abundance of wickedness, and receive with meekness the engrafted Word, which is able to save your souls. YA`AQOV (JAMES) 1:21 את CEPHER

INTROSPECTION It’s time to identify why I associate emotion with my sex... as sister Shahrazad Ali said (paraphrasing) we gotta stop keeping our hearts in our pussies ladies

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