9 Breastfeeding must have herbs... Increase milk supply

Knowla 3 months old

Its the season and a lot of my loved ones are about to drop their baby bumps. The questions are starting to hit my inbox. I can't front it feels damn good being able to help my people through my own experiences. I breastfed Wisdom for about 18 months and Knowledge hung in there for about 10 months... she was far too independent for me. if I had to compare my two experiences, I'd say my milk supply was way better with knowledge, and I attribute it to my lifestyle change. I was still somewhat a meat eater when I conceived Wisdom, I was completely vegan with Knowla. Beyond that, I was much more familiar with the herbs my second go around. The herbs were an intricate part of pregnancy #2 and during my nursing. I would use the herbs when I was menstruating, or just feeling stressed and/or depressed. This list of herbs I'm about to give you not only promotes milk production, but can also promote healthy blood circulation, work to improve depression and anxiety, improve the ability to concentrate and so much more. I absolutely swear it.

Heres the list:

Blessed Thistle Stimulates milk production but works better when combined with #2 red raspberry. blessed thistle also acts to strengthen the lungs, and heart

Red Raspberry Where do I begin with this one? Red raspberry leaf is the absolute truth! period. It can be used during pregnancy to strengthen and tone the uterus for delivery and it also increases and enriches mommy's milk. its soothing and can help with those god to awful mood swings and hormones on 10,000.

Marshmellow not only increases milk production it enriches it and can also an excellent source of fiber

Fennel ‬is rich in vitamin A it also enriches mothers milk which carries over to baby, can help with colic through milk supply

Chickweed listen up ladies this one is for the inflammation! lordt my breast were swollen and sore and tender and my nipples cracked I have a post coming on what to do for those sore ass nipples the ones when you don't even want to put on a shirt where you cuss every time 👶🏽 take a sip😂 chickweed works to aid the inflammation and as an ointment once baby arrives its great for diaper rash

Borage is used to increase The quantity of supply and is a great heart strengthener and works to help calm the nerves

Fenugreek is a strong stimulator of milk as it stimulates the development of the breast ducts

Vervain helps to increase the flow of mommy's milk while improving nervous energy

Squaw Vine strengthens and tones the uterus and can help to regulate contractions during labour plus it stimulates milk production

These amazing herbs can be purchased in beneficial combinations as capsules and teabag

if you need a custom blend please don't hesitate to reach out. Now that my degree in natural medicine is in signed and sealed I'm ready to hit the ground running naturally helping folks to heal and educate themselves. Hope this list helps! love and light!

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