The work load

Trying to find my work life balance with liviteveryday while getting back to the things we love to do for nosittercrew they key word is BALANCE... I’m tired but I’m watching my hard work pay off and it makes me want to go harder all these wonderful success stories with folks using my products. Its truly a blessing. Its sowing season and Im focused on sowing good seeds one client at a time but I miss doing the No Sitter Crew. Ive put wisdoms coloring book on hold when i know we needcto push forward with the concept. however I also know its all in time the universe is aligning everything i need and i need to be patient and grateful. look at God working through me Im excited about life. The work load is heavy but the rewards are grand i have another 100+ orders to fulfill this week and of course i hand craft each blend so there is a process that takes a bit of time been contemplating closing the store but Nahhh lol im overwhelmed with gratitude and I have everything i need to thrive. walking into Monday READY!!!! Lets goooooo

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