Vaccinations m...

I have a perpetual distrust for the government and damn near anything they say we need to do is probably the opposite. I don’t mean to sound like I’m off my rocker but wasn’t it the government that tested syphilis on young black men and women so I’m supposed to intrust this same institution with the welfare and well-being of my biggest investments, my children?

I know I could be being extreme but in my heart it doesn’t feel right to vaccinate my children... my son will be seven and daughter is two we use herbs and other homeopathic methods to treat our ailments and it works wonders I don’t judge or wag my finger at people that decide to vaccinate their children, however I know it’s not a decision I’ll be making for my family. At the same token I will not be allowing my children to participate in the school system, as they are homeschooled its a decision that’s come with much Sacrifice yet I wouldn’t have it any other way. For people that don’t have to raise these two children (I’m referring specifically to Erica’s twins) why should it matter if she chooses not to vaccinate her children? this is a personal decision that she’s making and I’m sure it’s an informed decision ... people have to get their lives man!!!

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