Welcome to October

Its the second day of October and the kids are super excited!!! This time last year we were heading down to North Carolina to see my brother and celebrate the release of my book concrete flowers from pain to power on Amazon.com ... and its safe to say this year we’re keeping the tradition going. This time my entire crazy ass family is supposed to be there the first Carter Family Reunion since EVER.... Amy children and all my nieces and nephews in one house for a weekend, its a dream coming true! Wisdom doesn’t know his “New York” cousins are going to be there he thinks we are just going to see uncle Kassiem but my sister and I xthe twins are going to be there too!!🥰 My family has come such a long way from the Harlem chapter and we have ways to go... but its seems were creating our own new healthy traditions and the Carter family reunion is the thing to do in October. I prayed for these types of moments ... wont he do it

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