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As I get deeper into this bodybuilding journey and further into my training I’m learning more and more about the sport and division I’m actually going to be competing in. Im using this process to help break bad habits and connect on a deeper level with The Most High. I just don’t have the patience to deal with dumb shit anymore, I’m not finna argue and not finna squander energy... it takes too much and with all that it takes to build a reserve of positive healthy healing vibrations Its a HARD PASS Relatives and all... so anywhom i promise Somethings just don’t translate well on paper, me saying I meditate or pray during my work outs is probably one of those things but let me explain, it’s more so like during my workouts I have my spirited music playing and I’m focusing on his words they pop up in my head often it’s the ones I read the night before occasionally ones from many nights before but for certain I’m completely committed and focused being better Im transmuting negativity into POWER ... if that makes sense... update: so far the workouts are intense but nothing to the point of extreme exhaustion I think the hardest part for me is getting my caloric needs daily... today was an absolute struggle trying to eat 3 man sized plates and drink 3 24oz smoothies yep my body is like “this isn’t like you eating all this food now what’s going on!?”

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