Still on this journey, committed to learning our true hebraic culture and teaching it to the children as I do ...

I'm super grateful that hubby stumbled across the children activity books on halleluyah scriptures they come in handy as I'm using them to help teach the children about the glory of Yahushua Hamashiach. I'm using it the activity books for work and play. This isn't something I grew up doing, we went to church every so often {baptist} mostly on the fake holy- days { easter, Christmas} we were damn good at keeping traditions of man. Don't get me wrong I wasn't completely lost, I was aware of The Most High { I knew he was black too} but I didn't have the personal relationship I have now... this here, what I have now is so different, much more intimate, its fulfilling, whereas going to church { only speaking on behalf of my own spiritual growth} didn't build the personal relationship with YAH it definitely fed my spirit listening to the hymns and feeling the passions in the air, but it was {still is} the "home" work that seemed to open my heart and sparked the interest to build a solid personal connection with The Most High. This journey has been WILD thus far , the more I learn just how deep the rabbit hole goes, {a new layer is added daily} the more I want to disconnect my family from the clutches of the beast system {come out of her my people REV 18:4}. The more YAHFIDENT I get in the walk... and the more I am tested... regardless of the stumbling blocks I want my children to experience an even stronger YAHFIDENCE and that takes prayer meditation and discipline, I think we as parents worry so much about not exposing our children to "too much" that we sometimes keep our children from the very things they need IE: personal time with creator.

Check out the hallelujah scriptures when you catch a moment {they're free} and get your copy of the children's *Ten Commandments* activity book https://www.halleluyahscriptures.com/halleluyah-scriptures-childrens-books/

and if you took the time to read this entire post thank you because WHO REALLY READS ANYMORE?

"The HalleluYah Scriptures first Children's Coloring Book has the 10 Commandments and 8 Beatitudes for children to color in and learn as they color in the pages. We would like to have these printed in other languages for Children all over the world to enjoy and will do so in time."

"Train up a child in the way he should go. Even when he is old he turns not away from it." - Mishlĕy / Proverbs 22:6

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